Publication Credits

Creator of the eco-political blog, The Rewild West, called "a gold mine of info and analysis."

"Undercover in Dairy Land, CA", cover story in the November 2013 issue of The Animals' Voice magazine

"Unpacking the Dominant Paradigm: A Review of Global Industrial Complex", appearing in the first 2014 issue of the Green Theory and Praxis Journal.

"We Are the Ones We're Waiting For," an article published in the Jan./Feb. 2009 Earth First! Journal, about the necessity of industrial collapse

"Maximum Instruction, Not Minimum Adage," a book review published in the Nov./Dec. 2009 Earth First! Journal, about the Rod Coronado biography Operation Bite Back by Dean Kuipers. CLICK HERE to read my review.

"Deep Green Reluctance?" Book review (written in prison!) published in the Sept./Oct. 2011 Earth First! Journal, on the book Deep Green Resistance by McBay and Keith.

"Love and Liberation" book review, book written by Anthony Nocella and Sarat Colling, published in the online Peace Studies Journal. Guest blogger for An Animal Friendly Life and Progress for Science.