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This nonsense has been, and continues to be, utterly mind-boggling in both its prevalence and the frequency with which it’s invoked. If you’ve been vegetarian or vegan for more than about a month–or even if you’ve merely expressed interest in becoming one!–there’s a tremendous likelihood that someone has said this to you. I don’t wanna go into too much detail about the innately illogical, pointless, and absurd nature of this claim, because plenty of people have already spent the time debunking this forehead-smacking lunacy, and I’d rather spend my time writing/editing books. I’ve provided several links to a few of the many thorough debunkings below…

I did, however, want to hit a couple quick points–not because I feel particularly interested in the matter, and not because I legitimately truly want to–but simply due to [1] the ubiquity of this myth, and [2] its stupidity and total pointlessness. Ultimately, this myth and (this part’s crucial) the constant, unrelenting references to it say FAR FAR MORE about the people invoking it than anything else! It’s used all the time by trollish simpletons as a kind of catch-all way to dismiss the monumental importance of the issues that veganism and, to a lesser degree, vegetarianism inherently confront.


“But Hitler was a vegetarian”–a notion so ridiculously dumb that it necessitates a forehead-smack literally set in STONE!

But here’s the thing: it means nothing. Even if Hitler were a lifelong vegetarian, it still wouldn’t mean jack. (For the record, I’m pretty sure the real story is that a doctor recommended Hitler stop eating meat because it’s healthier–which may be the only true and meaningful aspect of this whole damn thing–and that he followed the advice for a time, but ultimately enjoyed eating animal corpses too much to give it up.) What people are implying when they invoke the Hitler was a vegetarian too! trope is that, somehow, veg*anism as an ideology and practice is irascibly tainted as a result. That’s what I think they’re implying, anyway–I’m not 100% sure, because it’s so goddamn stupid that maybe it means literally nothing at all. And that’s the real takeaway point here. Even if he were a longtime devoted vegetarian (which, again, he wasn’t), it’s a false equivalency to suggest that this would do anything to nullify the legitimacy of compassion for animals in action (i.e. veganism or its precursors). As absurd or even more absurd than Person A saying, “I’ve decided to grow a mustache” and Person B(uffoon) saying, “BUT HITLER HAD A MUSTACHE!!1!”

Ultimately, this trope is more than anything else a massive indicator of three things: [1] Defensivenessveg*nism acts as a symbolic rejection of the barbaric cruelty inherent to “meat” production, and many people react negatively to it because it innately calls into question the ethics of non-veganism. People hate that, so they lash out defensively, grasping at any straw(man) they can find; [2] Deflection–a way to sort of attempt to remove the unethical onus from the non-veg*n and instead redirect it onto the veg*n vis-a-vis linking them, however speciously, to the Nazis; finally [3] A Simple Lack of Critical Thinking–see the paragraphs above.

I do apologize for the repetitiveness here, but it’s intentional. I’m trying to straight up HAMMER THE POINT HOME. Not because “But Hitler!” is a good or legitimate critique, but rather the exact opposite. And its ubiquity as a form of dismissal is such that these points need to be hammered home, hammered hard and hammered any time some dunce pulls this ridiculous excrement from their ass. It is the drizzling shits of all (attempted) “arguments.”

So then, here are just a few detailed analyses debunking the Hitler-as-vegetarian drivel:




That third one was written by Rynn Berry, a terrific man and tireless animal advocate who sadly passed away in 2014, shortly before his 70th birthday (just to cut off any bullshit ideas of “early”-death-by-veganism, he had asthma and was jogging on a frigid New York winter day, which apparently isn’t the best idea because asthmatics exercising vigorously in the cold have a high risk of cardiac arrest). He’d been vegan for nearly half a century, having transitioned from a teenage vegetarian to vegan in 1966 at the age of 21. Berry was a many-time guest on my dear friend Bob Linden’s popular radio show-podcast Go Vegan with Bob Lindenespecially around the holidays. CLICK HERE for a list of Berry’s intriguing, controversial interviews on the show!


This book on Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2gspWWG

So, I’ve lain out ample evidence for this blog’s titular claim. Can we please, for the love of all things good and decent and just and intellectually honest, please flush this ridiculous, stupid, and utterly irrelevant myth down the toilet and into the fetid sewers of history–where it belongs–for good? PLEASE?!

It's long past time.

It’s long past time.