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Rebel Hell Excerpt: Overpopulation [with images]

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“(The Bureaucratic model is) merely an institutional design that allows for the relatively easy governance and control of human beings in massive, endless hordes. That’s right—I’m laying blame at the feet of rampant human overpopulation for the Bureaucrazy as well! And not without ample justification.

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I mean, yah of course we’ve already waayyyyyy overshot this planet’s carrying capacity—which is not to say we should find another planet to inhabit, as that’s not only ludicrously undoable, but also a heinous pile of moronic thoughtfeces; how about fixing the [only] goddamn planet we already have, instead of resigning ourselves to buttfucking the place to death with pollution and then starting the process all over again somewhere else [and again, that’s IF it were even possible, and once more all together yes everyone even you all way in the back, IT’S NOT FUCKING POSSIBLE, SO JUST STOP. OKAY?-GOOD-THANKS!]—so, given the overall stupidity of the human species, the Bureaucrazy is probably here to stay until we get our population down down way down to a sensible pleasant number that accounts for the fact that we’re not the Chosen Ones or Gawd’s Children or All That Matters but rather a single bloated selfish disgustingly overabundant species on a planet of 10,000,000 yes ten million different ones, all each and every one special and ecologically important some more or less than others but all with just as much right to be here no screw that more of a right to be here than us, cuz we’re just a whole damn stupid ass shitload of Clever Hairless Apes [not Wise, just Clever, much too clever for anyone’s good],

4 population changes

and my wife and I are childfree and I already got vasectomized at age 25 right before my incarceration began so I’m not in a glass house and can go ahead and throw stones and so I’ll make it ever-so-simple even though I know my Dear Readers are hella smart definitely above average [Love You! 🙂 ] but still just in case here are 4 simple suggestions-or-maybe-more-like-pleadings:

[1] If you have 0 kids and you/your partner don’t really want to have any, then DON’T! Be cautious, but if you do get pregnant, there’s NO SHAME in abortion!

[2] If you have 0 kids but want 1+, be some poor child’s absolute *hero* and ADOPT! There are 415,000 children in U.S. foster care today.

[3] If you already have 1+ kid/s, STOP! Want more? Be some poor child’s absolute *hero* and ADOPT! There are 415,000 children in U.S. foster care today.

[4] If you have functioning sperm, aka semen-demons, stop them! Be like all the cool kids—and also like me—and get vasectomized! Planned Parenthood performed mine on a sliding scale of $0-$400 [≈ cost of 1 abortion!], and since jan = unemployable cripple, mine cost zero $s. Awesome! They’re so great, I love them! Thank you Dr. Heller!!


I met with (Dr. Heller) first and he wanted to know my reasons because I was “so young” and might change my mind.[1] So I hit him with only about 60 seconds of the ∞ish seconds for which I could’ve listed reasons, and he was like, Okay—you’ve obviously put a lotta thought into it and sound confident, sooooo let’s get you prepped! And the hardest part of the procedure was a slight tugging pain that lasted ≈ 3 seconds—yet I’ve never been more satisfied with any of my personal actions.

Planned Parenthood

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, and for the planet, and for my female partners [given that our society places a sickening amount of the pregnancy-burden on women; this is total bullshit, and more men need to step up and take this proactive measure, thereby removing some of that shitty, inappropriate weight from off of women’s shoulders like the decent partners I’m certain many of you are].

    . . . .

    Oops! sorry, went into Ramblemode again, but c’est la ME; and hey, sometimes tangents can reveal important information. Even so, I’m sorry my Dear Beloved Reader, please forgive me!”

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[1] Isn’t it just a big ole hoot that society almost never gives an iota of a shit when, say, a 21-year-old woman has a baby, and yet it’s difficult in most places for a 30-year-old woman to get sterilized?! HAHAHAHAHA . . . HAHA . . . oy . . . stop it, ’Murica, yer logick’s showing!

New Memoir Excerpt: The [Seriously] Insane Racial Disparities of U.S. Prisons

This is a subject I cover in my new memoir Rebel Hell: Disabled Vegan Goes to Prison with extensive, supposedly fascinating detail–including creative visual and typographical tricks that cannot be duplicate or understood outside the book. The above chart demonstrates one of the very odd aspects of the American “Justice” System; even a lot of people who know and talk about the racial disparities in U.S. prisons aren’t aware of this bizarre fact. That is, it’s not the typical white-compared-to-people-of-color dichotomy. Simply put, it’s specifically and dramatically BLACK PEOPLE who face a staggering racial bias in the courtroom. Especially when compared with whites. As this chart shows, looking at national averages–which are horrific in their own right, and yet aren’t nearly as unbalanced racially than certain individual states, like Illinois, where I was incarcerated–the average numbers show that prisons have about half as many white people per capita as the “Free World,” while blacks’ population density inside is about FOUR TIMES GREATER than outside of prisons!


“For now though, I’ll just point this out: while blacks make up 15 percent of Illinois’s general population, they comprise about 58 percent of its incarcerated population. These numbers are more or less consistent with national trends—at least to the extent of blacks’ astoundingly disproportionate rate of imprisonment compared to their civilian population. STAGGERING is the word that comes to mind. Every time I think about the numbers, no matter how long it’s been since I internalized them . . . STAGGERING.

Given all this—none of which is opinion, but rather factual statements backed by widely available statistics if you care to look—I think it’s time to drop a pipebomb-quote. In The Culture of Make Believe, Derrick Jensen [who provided the blurb for this book’s front cover] writes, “Our judicial and penal systems form a massive interlocking set of racist and terrorist organizations, [the latter of which] is defined, remember, as one that deters through terror.”

America’s endless Company Line is how we’re “The Greatest Country in the World.” Its prison numbers clash discordantly with that claim; yet still that Line is spewed, Tourette’s-like, by American politicians and the mainstream media. If this country is so damn spectacular, why are massive throngs of people locked up? Imprisoned at rates and sheer numbers that’re unprecedented? Why do so many people commit serious crimes [as defined by those in power]? Keep in mind, lots and lots of criminal behavior is rooted in despair, in thorough dissatisfaction—with poverty, with one’s living conditions, with economic opportunities or lack thereof, with the status quo; dissatisfaction with a combination of these, or with something else altogether. The question remains: Why are so many people so unhappy, willing to engage in activities that risk incarceration, if America’s so great?

Flag and Razor

We’re a Prison Nation. Through and through. So it makes sense that one of this book’s central theses is that those of us living within the confines of industrial civilization are all prisoners, to varying degrees. Bound by laws that often infringe on our personal birthright-freedoms; bound by the chains of financial bondage, forced to work and pay money to simply exist—what else could rents or mortgages [aka shelter] be considered?

Of course, there are levels of freedom, and prisoners have some of the lowest. Perhaps the only individuals below us in America are sex slaves, and then—way, way farther below, at the very very bottom—nonhuman animals trapped inside fleshfarms, vivisection laboratories, fur “farms,” circuses, rodeos, zoos, and the like. They committed no crime—except the crime [?!?!?] of being born nonhuman.”

If you want to learn much, much more about this while simultaneously experiencing a harrowing true story that is dark and bleak and depressing, yet somehow equally triumphant and poignant and beautiful–not to mention the gallow’s humor that permeates almost every page–you should read my memoir! Rebel Hell: Disabled Vegan Goes to Prison is “wildly original,” and you’re almost certain to love the unique, immersive experience. Check out this blog post for further information and an author Q&A.

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REBEL HELL Prison Memoir–Blog Posts, Author Q&As

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My new prison memoir Rebel Hell: Disabled Vegan Goes to Prison is getting rave reviews from everybody who’s read it. This wildly original and “outrageously candid” book delivers something for everyone–from dark and utterly shameless humor to raw poignant emotion, from enlightening facts & visuals & analysis to lyrical descriptions of the hellacious and the divine alike. It is a substantially important book addressing myriad social issues from a powerful, bold, no-holds-barred perspective; above all, though, Rebel Hell is a captivating story about “justice” in modern America, and about navigating the kaleidoscopic maze of prison absurdity that’d launch even Franz Kafka into a fit of paranoia and disbelief. Finally, there’s yet another dimension of intrigue–how I managed to survive the horrific onslaught of prison as a disabled vegan!

The Daily Maul wrote a fantastic piece about the memoir on 9/10/17: “In New Prison Memoir, ‘Disabled Vegan’ Rails Unabashedly Against Injustice.”

CLICK HERE to read a review from the lovely blog “black. female. christian. vegan.”

And here’s a  short Q&A about my Prison Experience with antinatalist guru and author Laura Carroll.

The book is now available around the world in electronic format as well as the gorgeous paperback!

Now available around the world in electronic format as well as this gorgeous paperback!

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