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Terrible Dean Koontz’s Terrible Book Titles

When I was in prison, I spent two weeks in Segregation. Some of the only books available to read were several by Dean Koontz. Staring at his book titles for time uncountable, I realized some patterns, and eventually made this chart. Enjoy the laughable absurdity! 🙂


First Prison Memoir Excerpt!

Hello friends, new and old! In case you didn’t know, I served two years in Illinois state prisons from 2010-2012 for marijuana possession with intent to distribute. Just wanted to let you know that, for the first time anywhere, I’ll be sharing an exclusive 20-ish page excerpt from my memoir REBEL HELL: DISABLED VEGAN GOES TO PRISON, which is wildly entertaining and funny–but also intensely political, addressing numerous social issues, from animal rights to classism and misogyny, environmentalism to the inherent racism and unjust nature of the American “Justice” System.


The excerpt will be featured in my first monthly author e-newsletter; to receive the sneak-peak and other great content, including opportunities to win free stuff, please sign up here:

Thanks so much! 🙂
~Love & Liberation~


20 Percent Discount Code & Call for Submissions!

My publisher, Trebol Press, is offering a 20% discount on their entire paperback catalogue if you order from their WEBSITE and enter the following promo code upon checkout: R6CDGADH. This includes my darkly funny anti-Monsanto revenge thriller Orange Rain–which has been called “A compelling, fast-paced adventure through some of society’s most intriguing subcultures.” Orange Rain was indie publisher Trebol Press’s #1 BESTSELLER for the month of December. Click above to order it for 20% off!

Again: enter discount code R6CDGADH.

ATTENTION WRITERS! Trebol is accepting fiction and nonfiction submissions, in addition to their current call for pieces/articles/papers on a variety of upcoming book projects; this includes Vegan (R)evolution and a book on Green Anarchism! Follow the links or visit their website for more information and to make a submission.


World Vasectomy Day

Happy World Vasectomy Day! I got mine in 2010 from Planned Parenthood in San Francisco (which sadly is no longer there) and couldn’t be happier with the decision.

“A courageous man doesn’t run from risk, he shares responsibility with his partner. He doesn’t give in to fear. He gets a vasectomy out of love. And if that love includes concern for the planet our children will inherit, you should know that a vasectomy lowers carbon footprint 28 times more than a lifetime of reducing, reusing and recycling.

So on World Vasectomy Day we celebrate the men and women who rise as one to take responsibility for our children, our families and our future. For some this means choosing to get a vasectomy, for the doctors and providers it means doing them.”


Check out this fun, ribald poem I wrote about the experience.

New Book Release: REDWOOD FALLS!


*Next week* I will be publishing my wildly unpredictable, bold, coming-of-age family saga of eco-sabotage & environmental revolution, REDWOOD FALLS.

“A wild environmental thrill-ride in the grand tradition of Edward Abbey’s The Monkey Wrench Gang. Direct action and ecological resistance at its finest!”
-A.S. Beebe

It will only be available as an e-book via Amazon Kindle for now, but with the free Kindle app, you can purchase the book & read it on ANY e-reader or Smartphone!

(I’ll also be publishing it FOR FREE on this blog in ~25 to 30-page weekly installments)

New Author Website + $0.99 Kindle Book Sale

Hey, I finally got a decent-looking website up! Check it out 🙂

thumbsup jesus

Also, the Kindle edition of my darkly funny anti-Monsanto political revenge thriller Orange Rain is temporarily on sale for just $0.99! It currently has *28* five-star reviews, check it out! You don’t even need a Kindle to read, you can download the Kindle app and read on your computer or smartphone 🙂

That authorial first-book glee.

That authorial first-book glee.